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Dos and Don'ts for selling at TripleClicks

Please read carefully; failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in suspension or termination of your participation in the E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program.

DO enter accurate product listings
When entering your products, make sure your text is accurate, clear, complete, and listed under the proper departments. Be sure to also maintain an appropriate inventory of the products you list to minimize backorders and refunds.

DO upload good product photos
No one wants to buy a product sight unseen. And customers will hesitate to buy a product represented by poor or inadequate photos and/or images. Each of your TC product listings can include up to three photos. Unless your product can be represented fully with just a single photo, upload two or three photos/images to show different views, sides, colors, options, etc.

DO provide timely shipping
TC customers expect to receive the products they purchase from TC packaged well and shipped quickly. Timely shipping will also encourage repeat customers.

DO handle returns gracefully
No one wants product returns, but it is part of retailing, and accepting returns is a requirement for participating in the ECA Program. When products are returned, process them promptly and gracefully. Doing so will also produce higher overall customer ratings, which may result in greater future sales.

DO communicate with TC customers appropriately
TC confirms to customers, on your behalf, all orders received and shipped. Your communications with customers should be limited to situations where circumstances require special directions, disclosure, or clarification. All communications must be courteous, relevant, and appropriate.

DO monitor customer and TC performance ratings
TC continually reviews your customer ratings, chargebacks, returns, order cancellations, shipping times, and policy compliance. Monitor our feedback and that of customers and make changes as necessary to help ensure your continued acceptance in the ECA Program.

DO NOT register more than one account
When registering as an ECA, you will be creating a single selling account for your company. Operating and maintaining multiple ECA accounts is strictly prohibited.

DO NOT divert TC customers
Do not include any URLs in your text, images, or supporting information in your product listings. Do not hyperlink from TC to your or any other Website. You must not divert TC customers away from TC in your products listings, materials included in your product shipments, or other permitted communications.

DO NOT bribe customers for positive feedback
Bribing customers to give positive ratings and/or reviews or to remove negative feedback is not permitted.

Restricted Items

Items falling within the following categories cannot be listed for sale at TripleClicks*:

• Pornographic Material
• Alcohol, wine, or tobacco
• Animals and wildlife products (live animals, mounted specimens, ivory, etc.)
• Artifacts (Native American crafts, cave formations, grave-related items, etc.)
• Catalytic Converters and Test Pipes
• Charity or Fundraising Listings
• Contracts
• Used/opened cosmetics, household/family products, pet items, etc.
• Counterfeit Currency and Stamps
• Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
• E-Cigarettes
• Electronics designed to bypass law enforcement (Cable TV de-scramblers, radar scanners, and traffic signal control devices)
• Electronic & Other Types Of Surveillance Equipment (wiretapping devices, and telephone bugging devices)
• Embargoed Goods and goods not intended for distribution in the U.S.
• Firearms, Weapons and Knives (includes pepper spray, replicas and stun guns)
• Government and Transit Documents, Uniforms
• Government IDs and Licenses
• Hateful, racist, offensive or other items promoting intolerance
• Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items (batteries, fireworks, Freon, etc.)
• Human Parts and Remains
• Items Encouraging Illegal Activity
• Lockpicking Devices
• Lottery Tickets
• Magazine Subscriptions
• Medical Devices (contact lenses, pacemakers, and surgical instruments)
• Pesticides
• Pirated items
• Postage Meters
• Pre-released items
• Prescription Drugs
• Products of MLM/Network Marketing companies (Mary Kay, Amway, Herbalife, etc.)
• Prohibited Services
• Recalled Items
• Sex Toys
• Slot Machines
• Stocks and Other Securities
• Stolen Property and Property with Removed Serial Numbers
• Teacher's Edition Textbooks

*This page does not reflect a complete listing of restricted items. TripleClicks reserves the right to refuse listings of any items for any reason.