Seeing IS Believing! Seeing IS Believing! Missy Stithem, SFI's Director of Leadership Communication & Recognition, prepares to send out trophies to the latest winners of our "Peak Performer" Sales, Sponsoring, and Leadership Building contests. 69782367 SFI Communications Director Lori Robison and Graphic Artist Ben Lipovsky work on mock-ups of a new SFI training Website. 69782368 SFI President and Founder, Gery Carson, leads a planning meeting with the IT department and other SFI staff members. 69782369 You can't have a great company without great products. Starting with just one product in 1998, SFI's product line has grown to over 600 products in a wide variety of categories including: Personal Care, Natural Cleaning, Wellness & Weight Loss, Books & Magazines, Pet Care, Food, Telecommunications, and Business Services. 69782372 Stacks of SFI commission checks ready to be metered with postage and dropped off at the post office. 69782373 Why limit yourself? Unlike most of our competitors, SFI has years of experience in many facets of marketing other than just Internet marketing. Here are some of our latest "offline" marketing tools that can greatly expand the ways you build your business. 69782374 Every month, SFI prints and sends out thousands of commission checks to affiliates around the world. Here, SFI staff members oversee the machines that print and fold the checks. 69782375 Known for innovation, SFI now offers its affiliates an SFI-branded Prepaid Mastercard®, allowing affiliates worldwide to enjoy quick, secure payments and commissions paid in their own currency! 69782807 Strong Future International, Corporate Office 70732789