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What Jack teaches is so appealing and amazing he has been interviewed on over 2,000 radio and TV talk shows. PBS aired a special about him that was broadcast via satellite to 127 countries! The United States Senate honored him for teaching Americans how to achieve more success in their personal lives and careers! He was even awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by the President of the United States! He is an amazing man with an eye-opening message that is helping people around the globe.

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“I have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on self-help books and programs  but never got the results promised – until I got your material! It really works!   John Kraken
“Your book, The DNA of Success, is the BEST self improvement book I have read, and I’ve read many. I highlighted important points and now it looks like I dipped it in yellow ink!”  Richard Mpelezos
“Your CDs changed my life! I cannot tell you the difference they have made, especially financially. Thanks to your Conquering Force program I have tripled my income! It’s so nice to be able to pay bills and have plenty left over!” Gary Mitchell

“I have taught self-development for over 15 years and thought I knew it all but I have never heard anything so impactful! You have truly discovered the true cause of achievement.  Your program works! Thank you Jack … with all my heart!” Valerie Wilcox